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“Work begins when the fear of doing nothing at all finally trumps the terror of doing it badly.” Alain de Botton

Constantly haunted by the “or” of Did I not work hard enough? or Am I just not good enough?

I found this quote in the Chinese Readers Digest that my grandpa reads every afternoon, after lunch, after nap, after karaoke and watching sumo wrestling, before dinner. My grandpa’s life is refreshingly routine and disciplined – you can tell what time it is by the activity. Right now it’s post-pool, pre-lunch, reading newspaper time.

Before I posted it, I googled “Alain de Botton” to find out who this person was and came upon this article entitled “Why Alain de Botton is a moron”.

Today on Facebook my friend also posted this article “Famous Novelists on Symbolism”. Which led me to read other thought-provoking articles such as “11 Things You Might Not Know About The Little Mermaid” and “55 Awesome Halloween Costumes”. Clearly I have high standards for the articles I read to satisfy my intellectual curiosity.