Escape to the Motherland
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Escape to the Motherland

Greetings from Taiwan! Currently blogging from the safe air conditioned haven of my cousin’s old room at my grandpa’s house while my brother plays some odd computer game next to me. The powers of modern technology and wifi..

It’s nice being back in Taiwan. I know I’m lucky that I’ve been able to visit in the past so often, and I regret that I didn’t take the time to learn more Chinese or my family’s dialect so that I could communicate better with my grandparents. But I guess this is my home as well, as my grandma always tells me. It’s when I come back to visit Taiwan that I fully realize that time is passing and that people do age. I see the old family photos and baby pictures of myself and my cousins hung up on walls and it hits me hard that life is moving on.

I feel old, but I’m really not. I feel aged, but there is still so much more of my life ahead of me… even though I feel like I’m stuck in limbo right now as I try to figure my future plans out, time is still moving. I can’t cryogenically freeze myself and everything around me. (I watched Captain America on my flight over here… I really like superhero movies.)

I hope that when I am 90 years old I won’t regret the decisions I made when I am 23.