Photo Week #9
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Photo Week #9

Oops, something went wrong with my schedule post last week so although I had week 8 already, I definitely thought it was week 8 again. Although earlier today I thought it was week 9. I’m also really sleepy today so I’m not even sure what day it is. I guess I am in a more of a hurry to get to April than I realized – April means traveling and vacation and bridal showers, and coffee.

My mom brought home really pretty flowers this week – and on the train, I saw another man bringing home the same exact flowers!  I wonder who he was bringing them to. You can’t really see in the photo. But it’s hard to take sneaky photos of flowers in someone else’s hand when they’re sitting an aisle in front of you.


I got the opportunity to go to Urban Putt with my company this past week and it was more fun than I expected! We went right when it opened so we didn’t have to wait in line, which was good because there was a long line to play after we were finished. This underwater part was one of the most cool-looking decorated hole, although there were lots of other creative holes as well.


It was a very, very rainy weekend this past weekend – really good for California but not so fun for driving – I think I tired myself out from driving this weekend so today (Monday) was pretty rough. But I visited new places this weekend – Flowerland and Kaleidoscope Coffee – that I would like to revisit when it gets sunnier again!


I also just liked the look of this purple house.