Photo Week #46
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Photo Week #46

Junie and Mommy photo series at the couch continues. This time, with a kiss caught on camera! Her latest tricks are sticking out her tongue and knowing where her ears are. I'm so happy to report that she also has figured out her straw cup! I was so worried about it for like... a good month, haha. (It wouldn't be my motherhood journey if there wasn't constant worrying.) It is very cute to see her drinking water through the straw and now I feel a little more equipped to wean her off bottles in a couple of months.

Last week was still pretty rough sleep-wise. On Thursday I finally got my covid booster shot and was absolutely destroyed on Friday. I just ended up napping a lot and thankfully felt better on Saturday. I probably needed that day off...

We are now in LA and I'm trying very hard to just be on vacation mode and just... let things go. I am zen. I am a calm lake and will absorb all ripples. I am a flowing river, able to flow around all rocks that stand in my way. I can do it!!!!!!!

Also it is so dry and I am thankful I remembered to bring body lotion and a new thing of lip balm and Vaseline...