Photo Week #30
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Photo Week #30

This past Friday, my coworkers and I celebrated Harry Potter Day – I haven’t been so HP-crazy lately (regarding the new book and new movie coming out, although I still want to eventually read and watch both) but it was fun to dress up, play Quidditch butterbeer pong, and eat a lot of snacks!

My coworker who arranged everything went above and beyond in decorating and planning – starting with these Hogwarts Express tickets that we received a day before the party. Handy to have when faced with the brick wall of Platform 9¾! There was also floating candles in the Great Hall and a simulated sky, Moaning Myrtle in the bathroom, and other fun details that made me feel like a little kid again. One of my favorite Harry Potter related memory is waiting at midnight for the book 7 release, and reading it on the walk home to the apartment we were staying at in New York at the time (my first time in New York and another good memory). This party (and the fact that all my coworkers are good sports and dressed up regardless of whether or not they were even super fans) will definitely be a good HP memory to add!

In other news, wow – it is August. Where did July go? I’m not sad to see this entire year pass by but I am sad to see summer passing by so quickly. If only winter could pass by as fast.

More pretty scenes of San Francisco. These are the times when I love this city.