Photo Week #29
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Photo Week #29

I am currently writing this post while sitting in one of BART’s seating layout test trains, in a single seat row. A whole row to myself! Wow!

San Francisco has been really agreeable in terms of weather lately – on our last run along the Embarcadero the water was sparkling and I caught lots of Pokémon.

We also went to the farmers market next to the gym (actual gym, not PokèGym) and saw more Pokémon! Haha. I love going to farmers market and seeing all the bright colors and fresh fruits and vegetables. And, of course, supporting small local businesses and farmers by buying organic fruits and vegetables! I should find a farmers market near where I live.

I’ve been eating so well this past week – this ice-cream followed the best pizza ever – corn pizza from Cheeseboard. And we got it for free! This was supposed to be “Cowgirl Creamery chocolate chip cookie dough” but there was no cookie dough. As we were waiting and trying to decide what flavors to get, the worker said “if you get the non-cookie-dough cookie dough ice cream you can have it for free.” As if we would be doing them a favor.

Of course, it’s hard to give up free ice cream.