Photo Week #29
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Photo Week #29

Another week, another weekend of cooking time-intensive meals with Sam.

I realized I did not actually take a photo of the main course, which was a delicious galbi-jjim that took almost 6 hours to come together, but here is a photo my colorful japchae and little ramekins of banchan that I was able to prep earlier in the day. I don’t know why it took me so long to make japchae at home! It is a lot of work to chop everything and saute it separately (per Maangchi’s recipe) but overall not so much different than prepping for a fried rice.

I wasn’t able to help so much with the galbi-jjim because I also spent several hours helping to paint our garage! As it doesn’t seem like shelter-in-place is coming to an end anytime soon, Jeremiah has been methodically transforming our garage into a working gym space. We have equipment sitting in our entryway right now, and the sooner we can finish painting, the sooner we can move everything to its proper place! I am anxious to see how a fully white garage will feel (I guess minus the floor, which we are not painting) and hopefully it doesn’t feel like an insane asylum.

I also taught two dance workshops this past week – Sam and Jeremiah insisted on helping me set up my Canon DSLR to use on Zoom, and we also used my headphones as a mic so that I could stand away from the camera and still give instructions. Definitely extra, but I appreciated it a lot! The kids probably didn’t notice, but I did, and I suppose that is enough.