Photo Week #27
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Photo Week #27

Ok, so I know that I don’t have a job to go back to that would have made this past 4-day weekend feel even better (and then going back to work on Monday, even worse) but I do feel like after this long weekend I am more relaxed and ready to tackle job applying again. I haven’t been applying, like, at all, because most of my working time is spent wedding planning. I say working time and not day because if I really think about it, I don’t think I spend 8 hours a day working. (Maybe this should change…)

On the bright side, at least more things are getting checked off the wedding planning checklist! Sometimes it does feel like once I check off one thing, three more things get added, but all in all I feel sort of like I have it handled and there’s still a decent amount of time to get the rest done.

Anyways. This past week was Fourth of July!

As always, it was great to celebrate with friends both old and new. No pictures of food because there was no real official meal time – we just ate all day and it was great.