Photo Week #26
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Photo Week #26

We’ve reached the halfway point! And also my birthday – this year celebrated jointly with a friend who’s been with me for over two decades, which is crazy to believe.

We decided to have a homemade pizza night, which was a little bit hectic but overall a lot of fun! I appreciate a Domino’s pizza night as much as the next person, but making pizza was less complicated than I thought it’d be (at least with store-bought dough – maybe next time I’ll try making dough the night before) and thinking up all the different types of toppings was an exercise in creativity. Eva and Sam also created beautiful charcuterie boards.

It’s interesting, to be 28 – I feel like I woke up and all of a sudden felt like I was that much closer to 30. It felt like a switch had been definitively flipped and there’s just so much time that I cannot get back from my twenties.

I think I’ve had an eventful twenties so far and I know the rest of this year is going to be even more eventful – multiple people have wished me good wishes for this year, in marriage and in career. The other night, I had dinner and drinks with a few married friends and we felt like an old married wives club (of course I’m an honorary member as of now, but in less than four months [!!!!!] I’ll be a full time member!) although in a moment of self-awareness we decided that probably in like fifteen years we’d look back at this current moment and think how funny it was we thought we were so old and wise when in reality we were all still so very young.

I don’t know if I necessarily feel excited about the upcoming year (although I guess there are a lot of things to be excited for) but I do feel a little bit more determination and motivation to keep charging on ahead and to keep working on my character, working on my relationships, working on my career. Just like when 2019 started – I feel like my 2019 goal of feeling at home and at peace in where I am (emotionally, professionally, physically, spiritually) has been a good, vague goal and has helped me make decisions so far in the first half of this year.

And so at this halfway point, although there’s definitely been ups and downs, I feel okay about the past six months. Here’s to the next six!