Photo Week #24
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Photo Week #24

A weekend of nature!

Thanks to the quick thinking and spontaneous hotel bookings of Sam and Jeremiah we were able to visit Yosemite for the weekend. Apparently, now there are no more hotel availabilities until September. It was sort of cringe-y to see how many people were gathered together in certain spots and I felt a little bit of guilt in knowing that I was contributing to this non-social distancing…

I did bring my DSLR along for the ride, and I’m looking forward to messing with the editing – it’s definitely been a while. But there are several other things on my plate right now so who knows when they will see the light of day and possibly never will on this blog. I have learned not to make promises about the presence of DSLR pictures on this site, HA!

The major hike we did during this trip was the North Dome hike, a new one for me. It was more uphill than I had imagined and at one point I couldn’t really breathe that well – I’m guessing a combination of altitude and being terribly out of shape. The view at the top was so worth it, though!

Other sites we visited were Mariposa Grove (although we had to take an unexpected 2 mile hike to get there), Lower Yosemite Falls, Glacier Point, and Tunnel View. Thankful for the privilege to venture out into nature.