Photo Week #23
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Photo Week #23

You wouldn’t think it’d be hard to get 10,000 steps in a day, but boy, since I’ve gotten the Fitbit I’ve realized just how little I get up to walk around each day. Most days I don’t even hit the 10 hour goal of getting up and walking 250 steps per hour! Even with my walk every morning I don’t hit 10,000 steps. Crazy.

This past week, I made a big batch of weirdly mushy cookies. These cookies were an attempt to kill two birds with one stone – I bought steel cut oatmeal instead of rolled for making oatmeal banana balls and now have steel cut oatmeal to use up, and I wanted to feel productive and baking makes me feel productive with my hands.

They taste sort of like muffins – I should have just made them into muffins or bars, but now I just have these flat cookies to eat. They’re not bad, though, and because they have oatmeal in them I can pretend they’re sort of healthy. And they definitely succeeded in both using up oatmeal and making me feel productive, so there’s that.

I also repotted my aloe plant! This is the second pot I’ve moved it into, and I’m a little worried it’s too large, but we shall see. No baby aloes yet, but maybe it just needs more time to grow. Gotta take care of yourself before you can start to feed others…