Photo Week #22
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Photo Week #22

This past weekend was a happy blur of love, friendship, joy, tears, and laughter. It was also a blur of manicures, getting dressed up and made up, running around in surprisingly comfortable heels (finally, Steve Madden heels that are comfortable) and managing not to sweat away my very existence. 

I was told once never to say “congratulations” to a bride because it conveyed a mindset of past ages, that a woman’s only job was to “catch a man” and praise was due if she managed to catch a good one. But what else are you supposed to say? “Happy Wedding Day”? “Best wishes for your marriage”? Maybe that’s more appropriate. 

In any case, I am so happy in a bittersweet kind of way for this particular marriage. The wedding was great! I feel honored and lucky to have been a part of it. And I’m so happy for my friends who can now start this new chapter of life together (that’s a cliche if I’ve ever heard one).

But it changes a lot of things, which is why I can’t help feeling a bit of sadness as well. I think Rachel summed it up well during the rehearsal dinner, when she said that since they’re the first out of our closer group of friends to get married, it not only marks a change in their lives but a change in the rest of our lives as well. 

Already in 2016, I can see so many things changing and it’s been difficult to keep up with. Having married friends shouldn’t be too hard of a transition, and it’s not like I won’t see them ever again, but for some reason this is sticking with me longer and it’s hard to dismiss. And no, I don’t think this unsettling feeling is because I feel the urge to get married too, which I know is the follow up question. 

Anyways, all the photos I took this week are from the wedding – and not many since I barely had my phone on me this weekend, but here is a little glimpse into how pretty everything was! We made our own bouquets and center pieces (although Rachel and Vicky shouldered the majority of the responsibility for creating them, so I can’t take much credit for these)



The most beautiful bride – inside and out.