Photo Week #21
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Photo Week #21

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Sorry for the delay in post – I had a event filled three day weekend and to be honest, forgot Monday was supposed to be Photo Week Post day. Sorry not sorry. 

I went to Napa this past weekend and I want to go again! It’s so close and so easy to do a day trip there. I took a few photos (including some on my DSLR that I really should upload soon…) but really, the only photo that needs posting for the past is this one –

That is me hiding under a blanket while watching GSW-OKC game 5, the first of three possible elimination games for the Warriors in the Western Conference finals. Three stressful, wonderful, awe inspiring games that made me hide under a blanket. On the night of the Napa trip, we drove straight to a Buffalo Wild Wings on our way home to watch the thrilling conclusion of game 6. 

So that photo pretty much sums up the week. Basketball stress and hiding under blankets. I also made a few major decisions regarding furniture (finally!) so hopefully those will come spoon… Except the couch which probably won’t come until August. Oh well. Until then, people will just have to practice good posture while sitting on the floor…