Photo Week #20
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Photo Week #20

Twenty!! No longer an awkward teenager, but entering into the tumultuous twenties. This seems like a pretty big milestone. I’m almost halfway through my twenties (eep!) – with my birthday, we will also be halfway through the year. I love my birth date and how it falls so neatly on the halfway point of the year; I love things that end neatly. When I was younger, I tried to start and end journals on auspicious dates – have I mentioned that before? – and only recently have let that go because I wasn’t finishing journals at a fast enough rate.

I haven’t been at my new house for very long, but the whole process of moving in and settling in has been quite the roller coaster so far, and has taught me a lot about learning to adapt and not freaking out too much when things go wrong. Definitely still learning a lot and still freaking out a lot. For example, I nearly had a panic attack while at IKEA by myself wondering how in the world I was going to fit two boxes into my trunk, and wondering if I had to walk all the way back to return it and come back another day. (If you’re wondering, they did fit, and someone very kind helped me as they were walking back to their car in the parking garage.)

We had a power outage this past week, and at first I was worried that it was just our house – but nope, it was because a power line FELL DOWN. I’m glad that no one got hurt (I think) – and I”m glad that miraculously, Joe and Christine happened to not be at the house at the time so we weren’t stranded there with no car to leave our lane. On the plus side, I got to go to Target and buy a really strong flashlight, a nice smelling candle, and a lighter – three things I had been meaning to buy anyways.

On Friday, my friends and I tried to go to Dotties True Blue Cafe at 7:45am for breakfast and ended up waiting almost an hour to get seated and another 20 minutes for our food. San Franciscans love their breakfast foods, I guess, even on weekdays.

Lastly, two beautiful things from this week – delicious poké that we ate while watching the Golden State Warriors blow out OKC (sigh, such happy times before last night’s horrendous game) and pretty covers for two books that I love. I know I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but look at these!