Photo Week #2
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Photo Week #2

Juniper’s first full week of life! What a crazy ride it’s been. I know I’m not supposed to organize or do housework or things like that as I’m recovering (although, I’ve had a fairly easy recovery if I do say so myself. Or maybe it was just from necessity) but I have the urge to do the laundry and fold things and organize because it’s just something I can control. I am a control freak, I know. And there is nothing like a newborn who doesn’t know what day or night are and cannot verbally communicate hunger or tiredness to remind me that I need be flexible. She is only 12 days old! Being alive is hard!

With that being said, I do see how there is a light at the end of the tunnel of No Routine Days. Thankfully we had Jamie helping us the first week to a lot of the housework and picking up things we needed buy, and now Jeremiah’s mom is here to help. It was especially helpful because we were told breastfeed, then add a supplement bottle, and then I also was told to pump after. So the whole process just took a while. I’m hoping the doctor gives us the ok to stop tomorrow, because I already decided yesterday I don’t want to pump after every feed anymore, and she refused her extra bottle almost all the times yesterday. So I’m basically just looking for confirmation.

Anyways. Sorry for the newborn ramble. Onto photos!

We started our Chinese postpartum food delivery service, and it’s been pretty good so far! There is an abundance of food though and that adds a little stress to my day because I don’t want food to waste. We also had Junie’s first pediatrician appointment and I thought it was a good sign of our pediatrician’s office that they are thoughtful of their fish.

This photo is from the first time Keira came over to meet Juniper – she started wailing the instant she came into the living room, while I was pumping, and Jeremiah was bottle feeding Juniper, and the whole time we were trying to FaceTime my parents. It was pure chaos.

And lastly, I finished the puzzle!! I think doing puzzles is definitely a skill… because various people tried to help, but I put in more pieces by myself in less time than they did collectively. Yes, I am throwing shade. The important thing is that the puzzle is now out of the way, and our coffee table is now in the garage, and our living room is looking a little less cluttered thankfully. Cleaned spaces put my mind a little more at ease.