Photo Week #1
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Photo Week #1

2022 – new year, new baby!

This is the first night we brought her home. I know everyone always warns about the first couple of weeks and months, but man, even just the first five days have been so intense. 

But I am trying to remind myself that we are all a team – me and Jeremiah, me and Junie, me and Junie and Jeremiah, and of course us three and the village it is taking to raise this child. And teamwork makes the dream work. Very thankful for the people who have helped out, messaged encouragement and love, brought things over, etc etc etc … literally do not know how we are managing to keep this small human alive (brain is doing a remarkable job of repressing stress and worries and telling body to run on adrenaline, not sure if that is good or bad) but we’ve made it to day 5! Woohoo!

Our birth story is fairly dramatic if I do say so myself, and hopefully I’ll write it all down here to share. Definitely not today and probably not this week. But looking back I feel like it could have been a Hospital Playlist episode and I’m glad that it ended well, as Hospital Playlist episodes always do! 

Lastly here is a photo of our current coffee table situation – a puzzle I started before going into labor and have not finished.