Photo Week #17
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Photo Week #17

Happy last day of April! As of today, I have four more weeks left of my spring semester, and four more weeks before I will be unemployed and have no school to occupy myself with. I’m not very happy with that current status, but hopefully there will be more changes in the next four weeks so that I won’t be a workless and schoolless bum for the following three months.

This past weekend, I went to Big Sur, where the weather was perfect for the day we drove down – I was surprised to not see that many people out and about, which made it a lot easier for parking and a lot more peaceful than I expected!

The main purpose of going to Big Sur was to participate in the Big Sur international marathon – I did not run the marathon, but I ran the 12k (7.5 miles). The other options were a 5k, an 11-miler, and a 21-miler. I am very glad I chose the option I did! The view was gorgeous while running, but I didn’t want to stop and take a photo to ruin my time – so enjoy some blurry sideways photos of Big Sur taken while trying to keep pace. According to the official results I did not run that fast, but I ran the whole way (even the hills!) so I count it as a success anyways.

My spoils for the weekend were a cute tech shirt, a medal with a seal on it, lots of Korean BBQ, and a guava popsicle.