April Favorites
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April Favorites

April was a busy, busy month for sure – so busy that I totally forgot about writing down favorites for the month and was forced to come up with a list on the fly. I did realize that I had accidentally replaced a favorite for March with something else (because I was also writing that post on the fly and didn’t bring my planner with me, whoops!) so that made it a little easier for me. I am currently sitting at my typical Thursday location, Coffee Shop, again without my planner, so I probably will forget something again. And I don’t know what the cheesy inspirational saying of the month is… my bad. Will update later. (I am also drinking coffee from my own thermos which has kept the coffee warm for the last two hours and I am wondering why I never did this before.)

  • Flowers, flowers, flowers
    Spring has sprung! Experiencing better weather and seeing the world turn greener is always uplifting, and this year I spent a lot of time outside to appreciate the blooming blossoms as well.
  • Southwest magazine crossword puzzles
    One major reason I like flying Southwest is because of the crossword puzzles in their magazine. Unfortunately the last time I flew Southwest I forgot a pen so I had to be resourceful with my phone and the markup feature. (Embarrassingly, this is not the first time I have done something like this.)
  • Teen Movie Music
    To be clear, this is music from movies that came out when I was a teen, not current teen movies. I don’t even know what sort of teen movies are popular anymore. This is the favorite that I should have written about in March, since there was that night in March that Jeremy, Justine and I stayed up late watching She’s The Man and parts of What A Girl Wants and I was reminded of two things: 1) how certain songs can instantly transport me back in time and 2) how bad my taste in music is. Shouts to I’ll Be, Hear You Me, Perfect Day, Dirty Little Secret, Why Can’t I, and Cruel to Be Kind. (And shouts to you if you know what movies these songs are from!)
  • Being a Cha Cha Matcha kind of girl
    While I was in New York, I had a discussion with Stacy about how I sometimes feel out of place at my church because everyone seems very down to earth and organic and not concerned with superficial things like makeup and pretty matcha lattes. This conversation was had after we instastoried our drinks and snacks at Cha Cha Matcha (sitting next to two girls who were doing the same thing), on our way to the Glossier showroom (where those same two girls had just come from). But Stacy reassured me, saying that it is totally ok to be a Cha Cha Matcha kind of girl who indulges in basic things. So I am learning to be ok with my (secret, not so secret) love of basic things and if I’m considering purchasing a felt letter board because of the aesthetic and the future pretty parties I will throw, then go ahead and judge me because I don’t care!!!
    It is time again for me to stress over the NBA playoffs. I am preparing ahead by buying celery and carrots so I can set myself up for success and stress eat smartly.

Have a happy May, everyone!