Photo Week #18
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Photo Week #18

Flowers and NBA playoffs, two things that have become the theme of my 2018 spring season.

My TNT stream wasn’t working on my BART ride home one day, but thankfully there was a man who was watching the game on his phone throughout my entire ride. He very kindly tilted his screen towards me (and two other people who were also watching the game on his screen) and we watched the Warriors lose spectacularly to the Pelicans.

On Saturday, my roommates and I hosted a Cinco de Mayo party and it was very yummy with lots of homemade food – tacos, pickled carrots, guacamole, corn salsa, homemade churro ice cream sandwiches, margaritas – and lots of other junk food too…

The more I cook, the more enjoyable it becomes… but it does not take any less time. I was in the kitchen for the entire afternoon, but it was worth it!