Tribulations of a Timid Taiwanese Trainee-Chef - Episode 4
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Tribulations of a Timid Taiwanese Trainee-Chef - Episode 4

The constant traveling in March and April meant that I did not have very many home cooked meals during the last few weeks – good for my food-loving self, but not so good for my wallet and my waistline! I have to admit I didn’t really feel like cooking anything for this month’s cooking exercise but I didn’t want to give up so easily on my 12 months, 12 dishes challenge so I took advantage of my mom being back in California to make this easy dish (also taking advantage of the fact that at home, there is a rice cooker/steamer combo thing). I still haven’t found a chance to go to Ranch 99, so I’m lacking a few of the vegetables and spices that I would need to create some of the other dishes that are on my list, so I settled for steamed eggs. Two ingredients: eggs and chicken broth.

Funny story about the chicken broth – according to my mom’s “recipe”, she uses three eggs and a can of chicken broth. Unfortunately, at Whole Foods, they don’t sell chicken broth in cans. So we had to compare the sizes of a can of beans to the mini cartons of chicken broth that they sold, to the amusement of the salesperson that was helping us.

This dish was not very appetizing to look at, because we probably could have steamed the eggs for longer, but it was still edible and very good to eat with rice.

I don’t think it’s worth it for me to go out and buy a steamer, so I probably won’t try this again unless I’m cooking at my parents’ home, although I did read up on a lot of different DIY situations for steaming vegetables. Anyways, this dish was ridiculously simple and reminded me again that cooking is not scary and is in fact very fun!