Photo Week #16
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Photo Week #16

This week in baking: Levain-style chocolate chip cookies!

They spread out way more than anticipated – but I did pull them out a few minutes early so that they did have that gooey center Levain is known for. And they are also HUGE so even eating just one cookie felt satisfying. They didn’t have the same gooey center after a day but then it just became a really yummy chocolate chip cookie which isn’t too terrible.

The main accomplishments of this week were haircuts. Our budget hair clippers finally came in the mail and 6ish hours later both Jeremiah and James have their hair cut and it doesn’t look too bad! I also cut bangs on myself because I was bored and I just decided to do it.

This is a very unflattering selfie, but I wanted to put it onto this blog so I can look back and remember what I look like with bangs. The worst part about bangs actually isn’t the getting in your eyes part, but actually the waking up and dealing with them part. Also they’re basically just my baby hairs so if I comb all my hair back into a ponytail my bangs disappear again. Haha. Our hair clippers didn’t come with a pair of hair cutting shears so I actually cut these bangs with my eyebrow scissors! I’m waiting for the actual hair cutting shears to come and then maybe I will cut a thicker set of bangs…