Photo Week #17
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Photo Week #17

It’s May! We spent one whole month sheltering in place and now looking forward to one more month. I had a few small victories and a few major losses in April. Okay, one major loss – having my job offer rescinded was a huge bummer and not a great way to start the month. Not only was I so relieved to finally get an offer (by the end of this month it’ll be a full year since graduation and unemployment) but I was actually really excited to work with that specific team. Sure, the commute would have been hell but it felt like finally things were turning a corner.

But lo and behold, another reminder to not hold onto anything too tightly because anything can change at any time. I feel like because of this pandemic I am less distraught over the loss of job because… well, I still have my health and things could definitely be a lot worse. But it still sucks. Job searching has been such a roller coaster and I just want to get off. Okay, maybe it’s been more like one big hill drop and finally a little loop de loop and now the car is kind of running out of energy.

On the bright side – like I said, there were still a lot of personal things I accomplished during April. I volunteered myself to create these small animated graphic videos for a nonprofit Dawn works at, and it’s been pretty fun to create. I worked out every day. I am getting less overwhelmed at cooking and even if I make the same 8 dishes every two weeks, at least I have those 8 dishes down. I successfully extended one hair wash for a whole week. I cut hair! I completed many, many nonograms. I have started to learn Unity and have made baby steps towards working on a project with my brother. I am still applying to jobs even though I have very low confidence that I will hear back from anything during this time. We finished watching The Office and then moved onto Superstore and then How I Met Your Mother (which we finished today).

So again, things could be a lot worse. I’m doing pretty well, all things considered. Oh! Another sad thing I had to accept, though, is that I probably should not eat as many baked goods as I had been for the last few weeks. I realized that I was suffering from various physical ailments and after several nights of self-diagnosing I realized that my symptoms may point to a light gluten sensitivity. Definitely not as extreme as celiac disease, but a sign to probably lay off the gluten. So as I’ve been detoxing I switched to drinking smoothies for breakfast, which has been nice in this hotter weather.

Also, although I am slightly embarrassed to share this, I made a submission video for Bon Appétit! I made the Gourmet Makes Pop Tarts recipe and documented most of it.

I have the feeling they’ll get thousands of submissions, but I am being brave and sending this in. Eep!