Photo Week #15
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Photo Week #15

Story time!

Above is the photo of a baby bird. Normally, Jeremiah and I have outdoor playtime with the Wons in the afternoon, and one afternoon as Jeremiah was walking back from his car he spotted a baby bird in the middle of our community’s driveway. We took Oliver over to investigate and found that although the baby bird could hop around, it couldn’t really fly – so we tried to herd it as best we could over to the side of the road. We did see the parents – they were swooping around and hovering and to be honest we weren’t sure if they were worried about their baby or if it was more like a trial by fire thing where they were the ones who just pushed their baby out of the nest to see if it could fly. Anyways, we decided not to call animal control since it seemed like the baby bird was safe, and one of the parent birds flew down nearby when we backed off. As we were watching from a distance, though, we also saw a large black crow eyeing the baby bird and was swooping closer and closer.

While we were debating whether to scare the crow off or not, or wondering if the parent bird would do anything, we watched the crow swoop in, grab the baby bird in its beak and fly off to a rooftop to enjoy its meal.

And that was the end of the baby bird, and a traumatizing experience that Oliver definitely saw and hopefully will not remember in long term memory. (I can no longer see a crow the same way ever again.)

That was the most exciting and intense thing that happened this past week. Most of this week was pretty much the same as last week. I baked a lot this past week.

My baking has been centered around what I can eat for breakfast, since I’ve stopped eating eggs for breakfast in an effort to conserve eggs… although I don’t really eat eggs for any other meal, so maybe I can go back to eating eggs for breakfast, since they are a healthier option than coffee cake and pop tarts. Not as tasty though.

A while back I also picked up some rice flour, so I attempted mochi donuts! They came out so cute and much better looking than I expected. Instead of frying, I baked them, so they looked and tasted fine, but have become much denser and not as appetizing as the day have gone by, which is kind of a bummer. Maybe next time I’ll try to fry them – I’ve been meaning to try deep frying in my deep dutch oven pot, but the thought of using all that oil and dealing with it afterwards is not appealing.

There’s a house nearby that has roses in its front yard, and last week while we were passing by it on a walk the owner happened to be outside and told me I could take some roses from his bushes! So I braved the thorns (unfortunately wearing my Uniqlo puffy down jacket which is probably the worst option to wear when dealing with rose bushes) and pulled off two beautiful flowers. Jeremiah wants to plant flowers in our backyard and we tried to plant one of these roses – but will probably just have to wait until after shelter in place is over to go to Home Depot or a nursery to pick out a rose bush to plant. Something to look forward to once this is all over.