Photo Week #14
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Photo Week #14

What keeps you motivated? So far, in the weeks of SIP, I’ve been somewhat able to stay motivated and check off the things on my to do list. But as I head into week 5, I’m starting to worry that soon I’m going to feel that paralyzing fear of not being productive. I worry that I’m not a “true artist” because I don’t feel the need to create all the time, and even if I were to create something I don’t have any ideas. Have I written about this before on this blog? I feel like I must have. This is what I’ve been feeling the whole past year.

I did accomplish my goals this past week of blogging about quarantine cooking, making coffee cake, and I also made DIY samoas!

The little naked samoas are so cute! It took a lot of time to punch out the cookies (I used a combo of a spice jar lid and the back part of a pastry tip) and also dip the cookies in caramel AND chocolate – but they taste almost exactly like samoas, as in they are definitely not a healthier homemade alternative. I wish I made more though. I forgot to take any photos of my coffee cake and it was gone within a few days, but it was a very delicious way to start my mornings.

I also unfortunately broke my one Heath mug. Very sad.

I know it’s probably unsafe to keep it and drink out of the handleless mug, but I can’t bring myself to throw it away. Maybe I will sand down the edges and use it as a vase.

But instead of thinking about my broken mug, today I choose to think about the beautiful bright poppies I see on my walks. Positivity and optimism! Woohoo!