Jampacked July & Ambitious August
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Jampacked July & Ambitious August

After a rollercoaster four weeks, I am finally done with Ballet San Jose and ready for a month off from dance. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good experience and I’m glad I went, but I am so tired, physically and emotionally. Throughout the four weeks we prepared for an end-of-the-summer intensive and although it was fun to perform at the end, putting together pieces in only four weeks is a short amount of time and tensions and stress was high. Ballet is stressful. Why do I do it. Hahaha…

I’m still unsure what my fall plans will be as the administration at BSJ still hasn’t told the prospective trainees (at least the girl candidates) who will be staying in the upcoming year; I’m pretty doubtful about my chances but at this point I just want to know so that I can move on with my life. I didn’t get picked for any of the solos in the summer showcase, so I’m pretty sure they don’t think they want me, but a miracle could happen, right? Anyways, I JUST WANT TO KNOW. SO I CAN MOVE ON. WITH. MY. LIFE.

Jam-packed July – I wish I knew how to make jam. We had a ton of plums in our backyard this year and it would have been nice to make jam. Maybe there is still a chance. I wonder if plum jam is a thing. And, lo and behold, Google is a wonderful thing and I have found a recipe for plum jam woohoo! Time to make plum jam macaroons. Or maybe plum jam poptarts.

Off-topic. Let me start over. Jam-packed July – because I spent every day commuting back and forth from San Jose, my weekday nights consisted mainly of me dragging myself into the house after driving back in traffic (my dad left for a business trip halfway through my intensive, so I drove myself to and from San Jose for the last two weeks) and helping or waiting for my mom to make dinner, watching TV, then falling asleep. Sometimes on the floor, regrettably. Oh yes, there were some days that Jeremiah would come to visit or I would have to go to Berkeley for something – but for the most part, weekdays were pretty boring. Weekends however  – a trip to the State Fair, a day trip to Point Reyes (where it was overcast but still warm, how great was that), work and a fancy dinner at Santana Row. Okay, it doesn’t sound like a lot when I type it all out, but it did feel very eventful!

And now it’s August. (Click here. Haahaha.) I have dubbed August “Ambitious August” (for the sake of this post, because I don’t normally do this type of thing) because although I don’t have many activities planned, there is a lot I want to get done in this month. Such as: drink more water, eat more fruits, and improve my complexion before I head back to Taiwan in September. And: finish a Friday Wall Street Journal crossword (with or without help..) Or: update my resume and find a job. I recently bought a planner from Paper Source and hopefully I will find things to put in it.. and not rely on my phone as much I suppose, although it is handy having my appointments on my phone handy as well. Ah, the ever present struggle on whether to choose paper or electronic – which works better for me?!?

Here’s to being organized, positive, and ambitious in August. Cheers!