A Month + One Week Later
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A Month + One Week Later

And once again, I have proven myself to be a less-than-diligent blogger. I apologize and promise that I will try to be better! (Key word: try.) In most recent news, I watched this video and moved tables in Specialty’s cafe to one near an outlet and not by the window, which I thought would be a good idea because of the sun but instead turned into me squinting to see my screen.

In less recent news, recounting from the beginning of June to now!

1. Struggled my way back from New York to California with two heavy suitcases and a huge carry on and SURVIVED.

2. Went on a weekend trip to Yosemite and got a healthy dose of sunshine and nature that I had been sorely missing while living in the concrete jungle. And got sunburnt on the car ride home.

3. Flew back to New York and entertained visitors while packing and freaking out about moving and selling furniture at the same time. A huge shout out to Justine and Cindy who both helped me pack and clean and kept me sane. I worried so much about not being a good host but in the end it all worked out and we still got to do a lot of New York-y things that gave me a better sense of closure about leaving. (I still miss the city, though.)

4. Visited Sharon in Boston and had two days worth of peace and comfort with 4/5 of Princess Room.

5. Struggled my way back from New York to California again on my one-way ticket back. With another two huge suitcases and two big carry on bags. But again, I SURVIVED.

6. Turned 23 in style, with dinner at Buffalo  Wild Wings and ice cream cake.

7. Started the summer intensive at Ballet San Jose, which has been going well so far! Even though it’s only been three days I am already quite sore but also quite happy. I really hope that I can prove that I would be a worthy addition to the trainee program and in the future, the company – I like the teachers, even if they do teach faster combinations than what I’ve been used to after a year at Joffrey and with Russian teachers, but it’s fun to move and dance and still work on technique that I’ve been working on this past year.

I have also become an expert on South Bay transportation. By expert I mean that I use my phone GPS extensively and hope for the best when getting on light rail trains and buses. But so far, so good! I haven’t gotten lost! I made it to this Specialty’s with no major mishaps. I almost got off at a similar sounding stop but.. I didn’t, so here I am.

My goals for this summer are increased flexibility and stronger turns. Like always. I’ve always struggled with turning and my ancient body just isn’t as flexible as some of the younger girls. But along with these technical goals I’m also trying to be more positive and compare myself less. I’ve been given what I’ve got, and I have to make the best with what I’ve got. And strength is just as important as flexibility and anyone can get stronger.

I have a lot of body and self esteem issues but I am doing my best to overcome them. It’s okay if I look the way I do! It’s okay if I have wide hips and a big behind and not very nice feet! It’s okay if I’m basically flat chested and my ribs stick out oddly! It’s okay. Really. Haha, I feel like I’ve listed a lot already but I think I could go on with a longer list of things I wish I could change about my body…. but because this cafe is closing I will resist and continue saying that it’s all okay. Really!