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Spring break has come and gone, and it was absolutely delightful and too short. It almost felt like a dream, back in California – especially since all the trees were already green and the temperature was generally always in the mid-70s. It was like I skipped to summer already. This week has made me even more excited to return for the summer, although I generally feel like I’m much more relaxed and lazy back in California – maybe because it feels like home and I can let my guard down.

New York has a way of pushing you to be active and do things. Which is not always what I want to do, but for the most part it’s a good kind of pressure to go out and do something. Whatever that something might be.

Hopefully there will be more blog posts following this one with some recaps of my spring break, but in the case that there is not (and there is a very high chance of that happening…), here are some highlights through photos!


selfies with Mickey, who was hiding at first.


my beautiful friend


she looks uncomfortable. oh well.


food for eyes and soul and stomach.


was it all just a dream?