Wednesday Inspiration
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Wednesday Inspiration

Once or twice a week, instead of taking my normal public transportation route I wake up a little earlier, leave before 6:45 (leaving five minutes later leaves me sitting in traffic exponentially worse) and make my way to a different train stop so that I can have an easier time getting home later at night. It sucks. Commuting sucks. I know my complaints are being shouted out into the vast world of many, many, many other people who also have to commute and have way worse commuting issues than I do, but it still sucks.

Every morning that I have to leave earlier, though, I see the same man diligently running up the hill that leads in to my neighborhood. He walks down the hill, sprints back up, walks down again, repeats. I thought I wouldn’t see him this morning since it’s still dark out when I leave (another reason why leaving early in the morning is disheartening – the sun isn’t even up yet) but there he was again today, with long sleeves instead of his tank and still running up those hills.

It was encouraging and it felt like seeing an old friend even though I have no idea who he is. Mid-week inspiration. I’m almost done with October!

So, to the man who runs up hills every morning –

To the first-year teachers who raise money outside of school time just so their class can have books to read when their school doesn’t have a library –

To BART construction workers who finally made the escalator work again –

Thanks for reminding me not to be stuck in my little bubble of complaints, and that taking the stairs is not so bad.