How To Take Care Of Yourself
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How To Take Care Of Yourself

Have you ever watched those old Goofy shorts, those “How To” videos? As a posh sounding voice narrates, you watch Goofy demonstrate the “simple” steps to become a skier, a golfer, a baseball player… obviously, since it’s Goofy, you expect him to fail miserably despite best efforts. And, because Disney is predictable, he does.

There are days – or in the case of this past month, weeks – where I feel a lot like Goofy. I can hear a voiceover describing “how to take care of yourself” and “how to be an adult” but for some reason I can’t quite follow all the directions.

Thankfully, October is almost over. It’s been a long month. I can say, though, that compared to this time last year, I’m in a whole other universe of a different place. Maybe not a “better” place, but definitely different. I think it’s better. I’m 99% sure it’s a better place. There are just times, every now and then, where I wonder if it’s really better – and wonder if the process of becoming jaded can be reversed. But who really wants to go in reverse? I’d rather go forward.

If I make it out of October alive, I promise to be a better blogger. HA. I am definitely the Goofy of the “How to be a Blogger” video. (Question: how does title capitalization work? Should I have capitalized the “be” in that title?)