Photo Week #23
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Photo Week #23

Whew. After last week's post, I cried on and off for the whole day and decided to bite the bullet and accept sleep training. When bedtime came I was very stressed and had to aggressively clean the kitchen and wash dishes and workout, and Junie cried for like an hour. It was so sad. It sucked a lot. But the next few nights after that have gotten better... sometimes she's able to put herself back to sleep within a couple minutes! There are still times when I'm lying awake in bed listening to her cry on and off for 45 minutes, wondering whether she's hungry or cold or something else, so I am still tired... but at least I haven't been broken down too badly emotionally and she hasn't gotten to the point where I have to pick her up or nurse her. Sleep training sucks, but hopefully I will be less tired in a week or two?? And then we go on vacation and possibly... mess it all up? Haha... time will tell and I suppose we will cross that bridge when we get there.

We also took her to get her passport photo taken and she was very concerned. It makes me laugh.

Work has been getting a bit busier and I have to write lots of notes to myself to make sure I don't forget anything. Most of my teammates are returning to the office twice a week starting this week, so we'll see how that transition goes. I hope that I can still be an effective manager remotely... sigh. I guess I am still holding a lot of worry inside my brain right now. Relax, Ashley, relax!!!!

To end things on a positive note: Farmers market flowers are the best. So pretty!