To The Beyond
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To The Beyond

This post title reminds me of that part in the movie Click, where he goes to the Beyond part of Bed Bath & Beyond. Similarly, I have reached the “beyond”… after a flight that got delayed, to a connecting flight where we had to trek all the way across several gates to board, to a late night taxi ride into midtown Manhattan, I am here! Here in New York, ready to start a new chapter of life.

Today I discovered the glories of Bed Bath & Beyond. Normally, I would pick Ikea or Target to do my apartment shopping, but the Ikea is in Brooklyn and Target is in Bronx so my parents and I had to turn to other alternatives, and Bed Bath & Beyond delivered. (It actually does deliver.. but we took a taxi.) It had almost everything I needed – from curtains to contact lens solution and every small or big item in between. My parents and I spent almost 2 hours in there.. and by the end were very much tired but also very much pleased with the success of the trip!

In one day, I have almost all moved in  – waiting on a mattress delivery from Friday which was a good score as well – and it feels weird. I do feel lucky that we’ve been able to get the things needed and move in quickly and (not too) painfully, but it reminds me more and more that this is not just some summer intensive but a whole year. I could live here the whole year if I wanted to. I don’t have to go home in the summer, which is a interesting idea to ponder.

Ideally, pictures will be posted once I decorate more of my room. A whole new room all to myself gives me a new blank canvas to work with, one that I want to actually decorate for once!

And now, good night world… a long day of moving has tired me out, even though it’s only 11:00pm. I’m sure that somewhere in this city, the Manhattan sidewalks are still bustling with activity, but as for here in the hotel room, it’s time for lights out!