Connecting the Dots
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Connecting the Dots

Lately I’ve realized that whenever I type out a facebook wall post or comment or when I write in my journal, I use very long, run-on sentences. I overuse the ellipses – the dot dot dots that connect one thought to another to another to another to another…

I wonder if this is because that is how my brain works. I feel like most of my written journaling is pure stream of consciousness, and that involves a lot of disconnected thoughts that float around.

For instance, if I were to dot dot dot my current thoughts right now…

There are many things I want to write about… living in New York… Joffrey Ballet trainee program… how whenever I want to find a Starbucks I can’t even though there can be literally two on the same block sometimes… looking for part time virtual jobs is no fun.. looking for churches is tiring and daunting…

Maybe I should finish my thoughts more often.

I’ve been enjoying my life here in New York a lot, and I know that my daily routine is suiting my introverted self right now. I walk up early, before my roommate, commute to dance, dance with lots of people and talk to only a few, come back, and amuse myself until bed time. I’ve been looking for jobs, and possibly may be working retail (suspense… stay tuned!) but I like being busy so hopefully this will be a good way to fill my time and earn an income, even if it is only $9.50 an hour. I’ve settled in, for the most part, and created a nice space for myself to dream in and to work in and to feel happy coming home to.

Mr. Radish Man is my faithful bedside companion. Here he is sitting on my bed.