Photo Week #8
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Photo Week #8

I made the King Arthur Baking Company “Perfectly Pillowy Cinnamon Rolls” this past weekend! And boy were they perfectly pillowy.

If you followed me on @friendswithkitchens on Instagram, you’d have seen a tiny bit of the process, including me putting my cinnamon buns on the floor for their second proof, because that is the warmest spot in our house during the winter. #shamelessselfplug

I’m so happy with how these turned out. I’ve gotten way more comfortable working with yeasted dough (how far I’ve come since my scallion challah! also how far I’ve come since 2018…) and a couple of notes I had if you’re planning to make this recipe are:

  • The dough is a super wet dough. I think they suggest using a lightly oiled surface to roll – I just went with the flour and I don’t think that affected the texture too much. But also I decided to hand knead it (since we were watching Wandavision at the time) and was too lazy to get it super smooth. So maybe it’d be less wet if you used a standmixer.
  • Personally the milk + powdered sugar icing (is this royal icing?) was too sweet for me – I’d try it with a cream cheese frosting next time.
  • I rolled mine out thinner than they did in their photos, so I had more swirls – and I think because it was thinner, it didn’t hold together as tightly, so the cinnamon sugar filling fell out as I was transferring it to the pan. But I just poured more on top and that was fine.
  • I used active dry instead of instant yeast, and I waited for almost 2.5 hours for my dough to rise. It didn’t completely get to double (the recipe also says it doesn’t have to double), but I would say just be patient especially if your house is cold like mine.