Photo Week #7
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Photo Week #7

Scenes from the drama titled, “Naps”, or “The difficulty in getting Junie to nap somewhere besides in a carrier or being held”. As you can see from the first photo it’s not going so great, but you know, slow and steady wins the race. Persistence is key! Currently trying to get her to nap at least for one nap of the day in the bassinet. So far, we are at 1.5/7 for this past week. Oh how I wish that Junie and I could even just meet halfway, like 50/50, but right now it’s 100% Junie’s way all the time and I need to accept that. I have maybe a 75% success rate at accepting it, haha. Or maybe closer to 50% success rate.

I keep thinking about Phil Wang’s caption about his wife Helen, in which he says that, no matter the hour, she “approaches each feeding with a smile for baby.” That is definitely not me… I have definitely cried multiple times at the thought of having to wake up to feed baby. I’ve heard it gets better after week 8… is that too much to hope for? Two more weeks? Although if things don’t get better I might just be disappointed… so should I be like MJ (Tom Holland’s MJ) and just not hope for things so I don’t get disappointed?

Anyways, when I think about how much I want to speed past this part and get to the “better” part, I try to remind myself she’s only small once. She outgrew her cutest newborn outfits – I miss her wearing all of those onesies already! So again I remind myself, there are new mercies everyday. And I can get through this.

Tip on hiding bags and dark circles under eyes: wear huge sunglasses and pretend to be a cool mom with your bonnet baby rather than a very tired mom who is trying to somehow approach these newborn weeks with grace and joy.