Photo Week #6
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Photo Week #6

The Rams won the Super Bowl!!!

I dressed Junie in her sheep onesie for good luck, even though it was slightly too big on her. It’s ok though, today she is back in a onesie that is slightly too small, because mom wants to get as much use out of these newborn clothes as she can. Junie is growing so fast!

I finally cooked (well, baked) again! I made Hummingbird High’s small batch brownies – super easy and super yummy. I love fudgy brownies, and these ones are perfectly fudgy with that crackly crust on top.

This past weekend, we went out to lunch with the Wons. Crazy that now we are a group of 7! The weather was so nice, and we sat outside at a large corner table with lots of space, which was perfect because we needed to park two strollers, give Nate room to roam and run around, have enough chairs so that we could shift around depending on who was helping Oliver eat, and periodically I needed to stand and bounce Junie back to sleep. Hectic, but we made it work.

I think every year I take the same photo(s) when the cherry blossoms start to pop up around our neighborhood. I feel like this year it’s earlier than ever…

In other news, please enjoy these film photos from the Notion holiday party that I received this week! The look of these film photos makes me want to take more, haha. But is it worth the investment to buy and develop film… probably not. Maybe just for special occasions.