Photo Week #6
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Photo Week #6

Since the beginning of 2016, I am happy to announce that I have been journaling more consistently in my written journal – spending at least a few minutes before I go to sleep to scribble down some thoughts about the day. It helps to keep things organized in my brain, to plan, to reflect, to capture how I felt at certain moments and times. I’m glad I’m doing this with photos too, on this platform – because pictures speak a thousand words, right?

I’m not sure how to get iPhone photos to be of higher quality – maybe I shouldn’t email them as attachments to myself and rather just upload them directly. Hmm.

I finally gave in to my sickness last week… and as a result, did not stay at home (okay, I probably should have) but instead took medicine instead. And it worked! Trust in DayQuil! And I had to get carded because I tried to buy the medicine in the self checkout line.


There was this adorable blonde curly-haired blue-eyed toddler girl watching her older sister (older – but still so young!) in ballet class this past week – it feels so cliché when I see little girls watching older girls in ballet class, like a movie scene, but it makes me happy. I wish I could be a dance role model for younger girls, but I probably am not good enough to be that.


Street sightings: my lovely friend who was visiting this past week from Shanghai, across the street. We only had an hour to hurriedly catch up and tell each other all the news and gossip from the past year, but it was a great hour. I also saw an enormous tumbleweed.


It was also Valentine’s Day this past weekend, and thus it was filled with sweetness – edible sweetness!