Photo Week #6
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Photo Week #6

If I were to graph my activity of this past week it would look like half of a parabola – started with almost nothing then ramped up quite quickly from Thursday onwards. I think this is called “ease in” in animation – where it’s slow to start but then fast to finish! I stayed at home doing homework on Monday and Tuesday, went into the city for my first in person class on Wednesday (!!) and then went back into the city Thursday and Friday nights to celebrate friends.

On Saturday, I started off the day by driving up to Sausalito to visit the Heath ceramics factory. These are the second and third quality ceramics that still seem pretty good quality to me, but are much cheaper! (But still a little expensive for a plate.) It made me wish that I had use for a sugar container or a cream pitcher, but as Jeremiah reminded me a while ago when we were at Target, I’m not really someone who uses cute things such as little cream pitchers. But they are so cute!!

I finished off Saturday by eating a lot of food at our early Chinese New Year hot pot extravaganza. I ate so much I nearly fell asleep at my chair in the following 10 minutes. I discussed my eating habits with my friends this past weekend – apparently there are people who, if they don’t want to keep eating at meals, they don’t keep eating and are very able to leave food on their plate or in front of them without wanting to keep eating. I am not one of those types of people.

If you look closely in the photo, you’ll see that my mom made both the cold cucumber appetizer and souji (“fake chicken”, a type of tofu) because they are two of my favorites and two things that I wanted to learn how to prepare myself this year! So yummy.

Stacy, Jeremiah and I went to Tasty Pot (yes, I did indeed eat hot pot two nights in a row but it was very different hot pot and I was extremely happy) and U-Cha on Sunday, and we spent some time talking about my blog, Stacy’s future blog, and whether or not Jeremiah should create blog posts on his personal domain (his answer is an adamant no). These photos were taken as an attempt to generate more content for my blog, as I’ve decided that I want to push myself to produce more posts and content regularly – you’re welcome, readers. But really, thank you for being consistent followers! Stay tuned for something coming up this week (hint: it is a direct response to a complaint that was made to me about the quality of my skincare and makeup “flatlay” photo last week…)