Photo Week #52
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Photo Week #52

We did it! Year 5 of Photo Weeks in the books.

My final week of 2020 was spent with lots of eating, time with family, and cardio (my two bike rides and twice conquering the hill up to my parents’ house, and a spirited basketball game that was supposed to be “casual” but included some hard screens and a lot of blocked shots).

Yet again I have dreams of turning this space into something more in 2021, but I’ve learned not to make any promises. But if anyone has ideas of what they’d like me to write about, then please let me know! I’m willing to take on the challenge. Otherwise I might just post random ranking lists of things. (Thanks to Binge Mode MCU, I’ve thought a lot recently about the order in which I’d rank the MCU movies.)

My post-vacation Monday blues are hitting extra hard today, so I think I’m just going to hit publish on this and call it a day.