Photo Week #51
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Photo Week #51

This past week was a week of shows – all of which were very enjoyable!

First up was Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. In a separate version of this photo, I did a pose that is relevant to the end of the movie so this is the non-spoiler version of the picture. (Also I looked really dumb in the photo but I felt very cool while taking it.) We went in with low expectations due to the not-so-great reviews that we had heard about, which I think was good because I ended up enjoying the movie a lot more than I thought I would. At first I was trying to pick out all the bad things and then halfway through I asked myself why I was purposely trying to make this a bad movie-going experience. And with that change in mindset, my appreciation of the movie went up a lot. It’s hard ending things well. It’s not the best movie of the nine by far (although I would still rank it above Solo and Rogue One – I really did not like Rogue One) but I thought it did ok (just ok) in giving fans what they wanted and trying to have some sort of plot. The plot was just whatever, but there were cool ship battles and light saber duels, so that at least was somewhat satisfying. And I got a poster and a pin!

Next up was Waitress! I drove down to South Bay to spend the night with Sharon and Cindy and giggled my way through this musical. I keep forgetting but I want to look up the videos of Jason Mraz and Sara Bareilles singing the songs – you could definitely tell that she wrote the songs for this musical because they were just her exact feel.

The following day was a holiday gift exchange and a Secret Santa – I feel like all my friends’ gift giving and gift choosing talents have been perfected as we get older and the quality of gifts this year was A+. Especially for Secret Santa. It’s so hard to find something that everyone will like. I was in the bottom three for worst gift for Secret Santa this year which was a bummer, but I managed to escape the punishment and next year will try and choose something that isn’t seen as gender-specific.

Last but not least, Jeremiah and I went with the Wons to go see Ali Wong’s standup show in San Francisco. I realized that we started off the year with a double date and ended the year with another one – it’s so great having friends that live literally right across the street. They made us lock up our phones in this little pouch before the show and it was such a rush to get in that we didn’t take any photos – but we laughed a lot and although she is very crude, she definitely keeps it very real. Afterwards we made our way to the merchandise table to see her husband “slanging Ali Wong merch” and he seemed very good natured about it even though many people were just there taking photos of him and not buying anything at all. We did not take a photo nor buy any merchandise, and left to be home by 10:30pm and go to sleep almost directly after.

Looking forward to spending more time with family and friends in the next week – and then Jeremiah and I really need to buckle down and plan what we can for Japan… what an exciting way that will be to start the new decade! Merry Christmas to everyone reading this – to everyone I know that reads this regularly (aka is on the email list) know that I am very grateful for you and your presence in my life outside of just reading this blog! Wishing everyone a happy holiday week with lots of eating and good times and coziness!