Photo Week #50
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Photo Week #50

A special edition photo week post, brought to you from Korea! It’s currently 10:20pm in Seoul, which means it’s 5:20am in California. Good morning. 

This past week was super busy with good things, exhausting with bad things, and contained a lot of extra stress because of stupid decisions on my part. But! It has finally passed and I can look forward to better days ahead. I hope.

Christmas decorations everywhere! At the mall, at home, and in Vegas (although apparently these flower displays are up year round…but it looks super festive!)

Got to go to a Warriors game this week (one of the good fun things!) and got to take photos with Steph Curry.

And a sneak peek for what’s to come this week…! Excited to be in Korea for the first time – hopefully the language barrier and the cold aren’t too big of an obstacle…