Photo Week #49
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Photo Week #49

Less than one hand left! It’s the home stretch, everyone. We can do it. I can do it! Last week was another long week and weekend and this week is gearing up to be one too… 

We made snowflakes at work, which was a great opportunity to rewatch Vihart videos – pretty looking snowflakes and hexaflexagons and of course, Wind and Mr. Ug! I’ve been trying to practice my calligraphy lately as well, following a December lettering challenge. It’s a lot easier when you have nice pens to play with.

On Saturday morning I made brunch with a few friends – waffles and pancakes and the prettiest yogurt parfait I’ve ever made (look at that wooden spoon! And the Heath ceramic bowls and plates!) It was yummy and good to spend time with them.

After that followed four Nutcracker shows, a Christmas party in San Francisco, and a small cast after party where I mingled with adults. Phew! Nutcracker was a lot of fun – I’m glad I got to be a part of it this year ans got the opportunity to perform again. (And glad Jeremiah did it with me…!) It’s still hard for me not to wish myself back ten years ago (wow) when I was still young and in high school and more worry-free… being in a dressing room with all the high schoolers was really weird. Reminded me of my age, haha.

I didn’t take too many photos over the weekend and the few that I did are mainly with people – I feel a little strange posting people’s faces on the internet without permission (and our fake family photo has our cute kids in it so definitely don’t want that up) – but thank you to all who came and watched and sat through the show even though we were only in a little bit! It really meant a lot to me.