Photo Week #5
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Photo Week #5

And just like that, one month down, eleven more to go! I feel like a lot happened in January. The weeks felt very long. This reminds me that I should flip to the next page on my calendar, which I actually hung up this year.

I ate a lot of good food this week.

The first are chicken wings that were fried in a home deep fryer – it tasted even better than when you buy it in a store, and I ate a lot of chicken that night. The second is curry udon (I love curry and I love udon) from Marugame Udon, which had a really, really long line for… but thankfully I have kind friends who let us join them in line even though we got there 30 minutes later than they did. Oops! Thank you so much, friends.

Around lunchtime, the light that comes in through my backyard door creates really moody and dramatic lighting. Sort of like Kinfolk vibes.

This is not food, but a sampling of all the products that could go on my face, from night and morning, when I decide to do my full makeup routine. And my toothbrush. That’s pretty ridiculous and crazy, isn’t it? I’m trying to be better about using up products, so in a way I guess it’s ok that I’m using so many, but it’s also insane that women have to do so much to their face to feel like they’re presentable enough to see other people. Maybe some people could say that using nice skincare products and putting on makeup also has an empowering effect – taking control of what your appearance is and having fun with your appearance. I guess, like everything, it’s all about balance – not going too far in one direction (relying too much on makeup) or the other (not caring about your appearance at all). Anyways, I do still want to try and use up products, so will keep you all posted about whether or not I can actually finish up face washes and lotions. I really believe that because my face is so small, it takes me so much longer to finish up things…

This week is my first week of school! Finally. Now I can officially say and feel that I am a grad student… I know I have been saying it already, but it really just felt like not-fun employment during those times. But now, I am in school again! Hooray.