Photo Week #45
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Photo Week #45

What an eventful weekend! Don’t listen to Jeremiah, I totally had an idea that something might happen on November 10, even though I wasn’t 100% sure. And anyways, isn’t it better that I was only like 80% sure and decided to go with the other 20% of believing something wouldn’t happen so that I did end up being surprised?

We walked through Berkeley campus with a friend from LA and I gave a pretty good tour of campus if I do say so myself. For instance, I can still remember which buildings have my favorite bathrooms (Doe Library, the 2nd floor of Wheeler) and which pockets of campus have interesting statues (There are actually a lot of different status scattered around campus, which I learned about thanks to a summer History of Art class I took. History of Art – the major that could have been). It was odd not seeing a lot of students on the weekend but I guess everyone was inside avoiding the ashy sky. These California fires are no joke.

And then it was off to Lawrence Berkeley Labs, which turned into “oh wait, let’s go check out the Botanical Garden and the Redwood Grove there!”

Thank you to Veronica Chou Photography for these photos that are clearly far better than anything I could have taken.

An eventful happy day spent with people I love the most and who I am very grateful for. I don’t like being in the center of attention that often (unless it’s on the dance floor) and I am really so thankful for all the effort and time and love and planning that went into making me feel so special even if I cannot express it fully in words or in actions or in tears (haha). I will be remembering all this happiness and support in the future months when I know that things will get hard planning again!

And for a bonus treat, please enjoy these photos of my parents meeting the baby for the first time, and unsurprisingly becoming instantly captured and refusing to let go.