Photo Week #43
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Photo Week #43

More good food enjoyed this week - we had a joint celebratory anniversary dinner at Chez Panisse. Very expensive, but worth it for a special once-a-year type of dinner. I would say that I'm someone who likes vegetables, but at Chez Panisse I'm just extra amazed by how truly delicious vegetables can taste when they're super fresh and super well prepared. If only I could eat like this every day. (As I contemplate eating shin ramen for lunch today...)

I also enjoyed the time we had to have leisurely conversations without being interrupted by children or having to split attention between eating and making sure no fights break out over toys. A nice and peaceful meal to get refreshed and ready for all those other chaotic mealtimes, haha.

I think I will try and continue my goal of enjoying things into November - even though I had my doubts last week over whether or not I'll get disappointed by trying to enjoy things, I feel like overall it's been a good exercise for me. My additional November goal, though, is to actually exercise in the physical sense. But I'm setting the bar low - just once a week is my goal... and I'm going to consider a 20 minute Yoga with Adriene class as exercising. We will see how this goes.

Junie's latest obsession is her toothbrush. I've been trying to be better about brushing her teeth both morning and night, but she loves her toothbrush so much that taking it away most likely will lead to tears and sometimes I just don't want to deal with that. I'm not sure if she likes the taste of the strawberry toothpaste or she just likes chewing on something with her four big teeth. Either way, I guess I'll just consider it as her taking her dental hygiene very seriously.