Photo Week #41
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Photo Week #41

Things I enjoyed this past week:

  • a crab meat bun from Great China - I did my best to make every bite a perfect combo of pillowy white bread and warm crab meat. It was great. I highly recommend. I feel like I've talked about this dish before on the blog and how I once tried to recreate it... I feel like I can make a pretty decent bun that rivals even the fluffiest of buns from Great China, but was unable to figure out a good recipe for the crab meat portion.

Two other fun things this past week: Unboxing my ugly 2-year commemoration stein from Blizzard (two years this week! Wow!) and throwing a surprise birthday party for Justine (potluck theme: things that remind you of Justine). I was actually able to put Junie to sleep in the Wons' guest bedroom and we were able to stay until midnight! But then my phone that was playing white noise ran out of batteries and I'm guessing our loud karaoking woke her up, so that was the end of partying for us, haha. I felt a little bad that we had to rush out and I felt so stressed right at the end but... have to remind myself it was worth it. And she will be fine even if she has one night of bad broken sleep.

Junie is now 40 weeks old! She's been in the world for longer than she was in the womb... pretty crazy to think about. I want to say I'm slowly starting to loosen up a bit, like maybe freak out and spiral 70% of the time when things go not according to plan instead of.. 100%. Haha. Maybe Jeremiah would beg to differ. In any case, at least I have accomplished my October goal of enjoying things (for one week). Looking forward to finding things to enjoy this week!