Photo Week #41
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Photo Week #41

Inspired by the Great British Baking Show, I made cream puffs this past week.

On TV, making choux pastry (which is what is used for cream puffs, eclairs, and other puffy things) looks like it should be really easy. And it is! Sort of, at least. It’s easy because almost all of the ingredients are things I generally have in my refrigerator (with the exception of milk) and basically just requires a lot of stirring. The first time, I added too many eggs and the puffs did not rise at all.

Still edible, though. And so even though it was another 4 eggs to use, I tried again and the second time was much better.

Today I bought a butternut squash, I’ve been eating lots of pre-Halloween candy, and the NBA season starts tomorrow. Despite the fact that I’m still wearing a tank top as I type this up… it definitely feels like fall is here!