Photo Week #4
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Photo Week #4

Happy February everyone! I’m very excited that this month of 28 days looks like a nice, neat rectangle in my bullet journal because I start my weeks on Mondays.

Last week Jeremiah and I spent an afternoon working out of my parents’ house and I changed into these old [M]ovement grey sweats that I had because I no longer wanted to experience the restrictive waistband of leggings. And I became a grey blob. Fun fact: these old [M]ovement sweats are not from my time in the club, but are actually from an older friend who handed them down to me. And then I let Justine borrow them once, and she somehow lost them at home, and then years (years!) later we found out that her grandma had put them into her brother’s clean laundry pile and he had just worn them ever since. They are a great pair of sweats, by the way.

Speaking of Justine, they officially moved away this week and it was a very sad and emotional couple of days for me. I know in my heart this is better but selfishly it still sucks. But I have found that I am more productive at work now, haha. (Relating back to my last week’s post about wanting to be more productive in personal, work, and freelance related things – I was!)

In more fun news, I have really enjoyed posting on our @friendswithkitchens instagram and pretending to be an influencer by posting fun stories. We don’t really have a theme or a niche or anything, and honestly it’s just what we would normally text each other but now open to the public. But we actually have a good amount of content to post! So that’s fun. My small goals are: to be featured on Just One Cookbook’s instagram story and to eventually get sent an Our Place pan.