Photo Week #36
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Photo Week #36

On Monday, for Labor Day, I drove down to Palo Alto to enemy territory (sssss) to have a carb-loaded breakfast at Terrain, the restaurant of Anthropologie & Co. It was pretty and all very aesthetic as one would expect from Anthropologie, but unfortunately we sat outside so there wasn’t any backdrop to take photos with. And also we both desperately needed coffee. So I only have this photo looking inside from the outside, but I would recommend a visit!

Later we walked through the edge of Stanford and downtown to get to another beautiful space (Blue Bottle) and repped Cal along the way. (Go Bears!)

On Thursday, my brother got married at City Hall and we went on an excursion to take fun photos at some picturesque places in San Francisco that I had never been to. I was at first surprised at the tiled steps since we were dropped off at the top – but lo and behold, the tiles were very pretty and it was nice going there in the middle of the day so it wasn’t completely crowded with people.

And I finally went to Lands End! It was overcast and gloomy but that made it feel more like the edge of the world. I would like to go back. Congratulations Wei and Dawn!