Photo Week #35
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Photo Week #35

A good week spent with friends trying to beat the heat together.

Stacy took me to the new Salesforce cafe, where I had to be signed in and carry my badge with me at all times – a badge that was given to me only after I gave them which work institution I was associated with. I guess unemployed losers are not allowed into Salesforce.

I wanted to eat sushi on Friday because it was so hot and the thought of eating anything warm sounded terrible… but the sushi place we wanted to go to had no AC. Pro tip: don’t eat at Geta Sushi when it is hot outside.

Saturday reached record temperatures across the bay, but sadly I did not take a screenshot of the actual temperature because I was too busy hiding inside my house all day with these great friends. We had a fun afternoon of movies, wine, and lots and lots of snacks!