Photo Week #32
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Photo Week #32

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m glad that a side benefit of doing these photo weeks is that I can remember what the heck I’ve been doing these past months. It seems like my days and weeks are busy, yes, but doing what, exactly? Being a human being, I guess. 

New running paths bring new opportunities for photos! Except I would not recommend following it up with eating way too many tacos at an all you can eat taco deal for Taco Tuesday.

Gloomy San Francisco is still the most picturesque, though. Are you tired of these photos yet?

Made a mess making guacamole and corn salsa for my company’s summer picnic and had a blast doing it! I’m not as opposed to cooking as much anymore, although quick and easy recipes are still the best.

Finally, my favorite part of watching A’s games – when the big head costume people race around the field. In a close second is doing the “Too Legit To Quit” dance. Getting on the Jumbotron three times in one night is just icing on the cake.